I want to share with you what singing really means to me. My voice is my companion and compass in life; we are always in dialogue.

Arriving at the place I am today has been a winding path of trial and error, but above all, a profoundly enriching experience for which I am very grateful. The fruits of my perseverance are my constant wonder, faith, and trust every time I sing for an audience or accompany someone on his unique vocal quest.

My classical vocal training was at the conservatories in Leuven and Ghent. I succeeded in earning the title of Master of Singing and Lyrical Art, yet I had lost my connection with my voice. I suffered a long period when it was as if someone else were singing, as if I were absent. This was a very difficult and upsetting period; let us say that the talent was there, but the mechanism to use it was not!

My ardent, never-ending quest for the perfect harmonics that every song carries gradually released me from my “armor”. Singing freed my body of physical and emotional tensions and my breath flowed again. I gained clarity and insight about myself as a person and reconnected with the wonderful, liberating power of music! On top of regaining my joy in singing, my career flourished with roles as Rosalinde, Tosca, Fidelio, Senta, Maria Stuarda, and concert tours to China, Germany and Ukraine.

For twenty4-five years I have used my personal experience of healing to give my workshop “Harmony Through Singing” around the world. My sensitive hearing, musical knowledge and experience, my intuition and empathy are my tools. I guide people of all ages and backgrounds towards greater personal harmony.

I work individually or in workshops with those for whom the voice is important, such as actors, singers, coaches, CEOs, teachers, politicians, and lawyers, and equally with anyone for whom personal awareness, self-confidence and inner strength can grow through music. I delight in giving inspiring keynotes, workshops, conferences, and seminars about the healing dimension of singing to companies and associations for team building.

My life is now like a musical composition in which opera, singing, speaking and coaching are in harmony with one another.

Music heals and it is my mission to share this with the world.



Master in Music (Singing and Lyrical Art), Royal Conservatory of Music, Ghent and Lemmens Institute, Leuven

Professor of Honor, University of Yangzhou, China

Cultural Ambassador, town of Bree, Belgium


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