Singing workshops and individual coaching

I used to think I couldn’t sing. No voice; my weak spot. Your Harmony Through Singing Workshop has changed that forever. My relationship to music itself has changed, and certainly the one I have with myself.

Through an experience at once strange, nerve-wracking and mysterious came joy, power, freedom, and opportunity. Thank you for your energy, your experience, your knowledge, your uncanny instinct, your glorious voice, your fabulous drama, and the generous heart that brings them all to anyone who is ready to meet you in a world of soaring harmony!”

P. (Brussels)

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This is the reaction of just one of the thousands of people I have coached over the last twenty years, including both professional singers and those who want to grow in harmony, confidence, and energy for a better quality of life.

Music, and singing in particular, is a wonderfully creative medium for transformation. You can come and sing with me in my studio in the reviving green of Hoeilaart for individual coaching, or participate in a three-day vocal workshop at various beautiful locations near Brussels, Roanne, France, or in the Tuscan Valley of Italy.

Basic philosophy

From my long and rich experience guiding a very diverse range of people, I know that everyone has a powerful, colorful, and expressive voice. During our lives, and often “to survive”, we build all kinds of protective layers around that voice. These blockages prevent access to our own life energy, and conceal layers of frustration and uncertainty, unexpressed emotions and stress. Singing has the power to release and transform them, each in its own rhythm. Your pure, powerful voice slowly but surely takes the lead with music, deepening your connection to yourself, and your creativity can flow freely again!

Who is this for?

Anyone is welcome who feels that something inside calls for greater self-expression, but also amateur and professional singers. People whose voice is important to their work, such as actors, lawyers, CEOs, teachers, doctors, politicians, and coaches find this work of great value professionally.

Some results:

♪ reconnect to the joy of singing
♪ Enjoy easier and more inspired public speaking
♪ Raise your energy level and feel physically healthier
♪ Express yourself better in personal and / or work relationships
♪ Feel confident about your life choices
♪ Discover your voice in all its colors and transform it into a strong, healthy instrument
♪ Develop your senses, such as hearing, vision, and intuition
♪ Expand your musical repertoire

Is musical knowledge required?

No, together we will discover what music you express the best and what music heals you. Choices range from classical and sacred music to ballads, pop and rock music, chansons, jazz, soul, fado – just about any kind.

A particular level is not required for the workshops. Each person comes with his own unique story, situation, qualities and challenges, and thus contributes to an intense, authentic experience of music. My pianist accompanies you in a professional and supportive manner. It is very important to me that everyone feels safe in the group, so that all are able to bring forth their very best and freest expression.

How are coaching sessions and workshops organized?

During your first individual counseling, we discuss your objectives and start immediately at your tempo. The number of sessions is your personal choice; I leave everyone free to sense when a “reboot” is needed.

A workshop has a maximum of 8 people in it. Group dynamics add extra dimensions of experience and growth to your vocal discovery. Participants often forge unique ties with one another, thanks to the music. You may prepare about 5 pieces of music. Workshops last 2 days, the first two from 9:00 until 18:30 and the second from 9:00-20:00, with our concentrated efforts relieved by comfortable lunch breaks.

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More testimonials…

I wanted to express my appreciation about the workshop that I attended last week-end.  As usual, your instructions were exact and beneficial, tailored to the needs of each participant.   I already see how your guidance gives me a structure into which I can grow, new ears to listen to myself and others as I take my musical expression into new territory…
Lastly, a big thank you for your openness and your acceptance, it gives each of us the confidence to accept our voices as they are and to move forward, continually tuning our instruments to integrate new harmonics.  What a great feeling!

S. (Brussels)

Thank you for your successful workshop in Brussels! It was something different for me – and it further enriched my pursuit of singing. Much appreciated. In particular, I deeply admire your talent and professionalism. You help build understanding to enhance one’s singing with “energy,” among other improvements.You and the pianist provided a superb learning experience. In addition, I was able to meet seven other motivated singers – wonderful people! What’s more, it was three days of big fun, too.

T. (Brussels)

Poem (after an individual coaching)

My voice has cracked
Some centuries ago.
Whether it was sorrow
Or a silent vow,
I do not know.

Breathe in deep with a rattle
Let it out like an arrow
Your body is the very bow
That will carry your song.

Not sure where I belong
Or if I should speak at all.
The commitment I long for
Is to expressing my heart out
My poems are my songs

Breathe in deep with a rattle
Let it out like an arrow
Your body is the very bow
That will carry your song.

I have resided too long
In that space in between,
Neither mouse nor lion.
The strength of the warrior,
I did not allow its roar.

Breathe in deep with a rattle
Let it out like an arrow
Your body is the very bow
That will carry your song.

I carry with great poise
The boom in my voice.
It carries an energy that grows
Resonantly strong
And In which I can stand tall.

Breathe in deep with a rattle
Let it out like an arrow
Your body is the very bow
That will carry your song.

Dorothy Oger (Schaerbeek, April 4th, 2015)