Team building for businesses and associations

“Most interesting team experience ever. How you managed to get everyone to stand up and sing and support each other was simply fantastic.

As a team we reached levels of trust and support I have never experienced before. Thanks for making me want to sing again. IOU!”

H.H. (Brussels)

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The feedback from this banking executive encapsulates the powerful effect of the Harmony Through Singing workshops for companies.

Speaking with inspiration, projecting confidence in your abilities, feeling connected to your team and your job, transforming stress into creativity and inspiration; these are the themes central to the workshops I organize for businesses and organizations.

Your voice is critical as a means for you to radiate presence, trustworthiness and authenticity. Learn to allow your own voice to resonate in harmony with the message you want to convey. Through vocal and singing techniques to get in touch with your inner sound you will develop tools to deal with stress, and find that your speech and communication skills have a new and very different dimension. Your energy will attract and hold your audience’s attention beautifully!

“Sing in public? Never.” Don’t despair. Being able to sing is absolutely not necessary. In small groups we try to find everyone’s voice and unique color; you’ll be surprised how quickly we achieve definitive results.

After the workshop you’ll probably gladly take the floor because you will have mastered the technique to give both yourself and your audience energy, just as a singer dazzles the audience!

If you would like more information about Harmony Through Singing team buildings or lectures, please call me, or send an email with your questions.

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Martine is a voice coach extraordinaire. She combines perception with perspiration, leaving no stones unturned! Her approach is gentle, taking each coachee where they are, yet demanding as she is also keenly aware of their potential. Her intuition, her drive, and her creativity are key ingredients of her success in guiding her students discover their unique and aligned voice.   She has developed her method through her own hardships and successes and she is constantly fine-tuning her approach. What you get with Martine is always much more than you initially expect!

D.O (Brussels)

The workshop was very inspirational making us think about how we can use our voice better in different business settings and also in our daily life.We explored the strength and depth of our voices in an unusual and exciting way. It has been a unique training which not only gave us the opportunity to improve our skills but also this has been a great team-building exercise.
It has been a wonderful experience – we needed to step out of our comfort zone and it was well worth it!

N. P. (Antwerp)

I never thought I would try to “sign” on high tones in full force. Martine made me doing it with her energising and inspiring approach.
I enjoyed a lifetime experience and would love to have the chance to do it again.Thank you Martine,

J. De B. (Brno, Czech Republic)

If, as a coach, I challenge my clients to let go of old patterns, I must demonstrate that same willingness myself. Singing with a fantastic soprano such as Martine is far out of my comfort zone. But she guides with great respect for the people standing before her… And that is an important characteristic of leadership: allow people to grow in a respectful and stimulating manner. Thanks, Martine.

N.R. (Leuven)

Dear Martine, you don’t know how grateful I am for your wonderful intervention at the Berlin Change Days. It was the highlight of our conference and everybody left in great excitement.

H.N. ( Berlin)